Friday, June 4, 2010

Beautiful & Special

So last weekend my hubby and I had two weddings to go to. A few months before the wedding I decided to buy a new dress since I have not for some time. I was dreading the venture as looking for a dress is not always fun. But to my surprise I found something right away and to make it even better it was on sale. I also found a cute shrug to go over it. Now the hardest part was finding cute shoes to go with my outfit. So within the next few days the search was on. It did not take long and I found the perfect shoes too! Now the last step to complete my outfit was the jewelry.

Since I have found Etsy shopping for jewelry anywhere else just does not compare! I just don't find much in the stores anymore so I did not even bother. Then I thought to myself....I should just see if my sister could make something to tie everything together. So I showed her my outfit and she said she had the perfect thing in mind to go with it.

The thing that made this jewelry special was that the beads all came from different jewelry that my grammie had. Here is the awesome necklace that my sister made along with the dress and shrug I wore. It also had a matching bracelet as well. Thanks sis!!!

My sis has an awesome shop!!! Check it out here if you like this piece!!!


  1. really did make a blog entry about the necklace! Hehe. It looks so bright and fun! How you put it together with your outfit in the pic.

    I am glad the necklace and the bracelet turned out so well and I hope you can use them again for other things. :-D

  2. What a pretty necklace. Everything just went together so well. :O)

  3. The necklace is beautiful and very special!