Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazing Creatures!!!

So a few days ago I was out taking some photos while the sun was setting. I just love the light the sun casts on everything as it's setting over the horizon. Sometimes it casts a gold tone, a pink tone or even orange. It just depends on what the climate may be that day. I never get tired of the sunsets here. Each one is unique.

While taking some shots of some wildflowers in our back yard I spotted this little hummingbird zipping around sipping nectar from the flowers. They just love these flowers. Hummingbirds amaze me in how they can fly so fast and stop on a dime. I've been outside before and had one zip right past my head or stop right in front of my face and just hover there. They are so amazing to watch.


  1. These birds are incredibly amazing and you have captured some beautiful shots as the little humming birds are not easy to catch with a lens.... I love that you were able to capture it with the most amazing combinations of colours. Beautiful!

  2. oh my blessings. those are such beautiful photos of such a beautiful creature.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Steph! I love hummingbirds, as you know.

    These photos are just super sweet with golden awesomeness. Beautiful!!!